The International Future for General Trading established in 1994 in Amman-Jordan. We have a strong business-relations with all Arab countries (spec. Jordan, Libya, Sudan, and Egypt).
This is an example list of products that we can export and import:- 

1- Food Business

Dry Food as Peas, Chickpeas, Beans, Lentils.

Tomato paste, Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Crushed and Mashed Tomatoes. 

Refined Sunflower oil, corn oil.

Fruit Juice (Cherry, Apricot, Reach, Apple, Orange). 

Rice, sugar coffee, and tea. 

Yeast (Instant and Fresh). 

Live Animals and Meat.


2- Spare Parts Business

Cars-Pare Parts. 

Spare Parts For Silo-Cells. 

Spare parts For The Chemie-Industries.

Spare parts For The General Engineering Industries. 

3- Raw Material Business

Raw material for PVC Granules - Industry.
Raw material for Polyethylene- industry. 
Raw material for Plastic- industry We sell and buy Deformed Steel Bars and Cement.

 4- Iron and Steel Business

Hot Rolled Coils. 

Hot Rolled Sheets.

Cold Rolled Sheets. 

I-Beams + C-Channel + Flats + Angles. 

Galvanized Sheets / Plants. 

5- Scrap Copper-and Lead - Business

Scrap Electrical Cables. 

Scrap Car Batteries. 

6- Electronic Business

Computers and Accessories.
Mobile Telephones and Accessories.

7-We participate an International Tenders.